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Campaign Content

These routes are available to help manage content inside a given campaign.

Add content to a campaign

POST /api/v3/campaign/<campaign_token>/content/

Parameter Name Description
url The URL. This should be the URL you would paste in your browser.
content_type (optional) The content type. Valid options below.
Valid Content Types
Content Hub
Image Gallery
RSS Feed
Video & Article
Long Form

Edit content in a campaign

POST /api/v3/<campaign_token>/<url_token>/

Parameter Name Description
content_type Please use one of the above valid content types.

This will return a 200 if the edit went through succesfully.

If an invalid content type has been submitted, this will return a 400.

Delete Content from your campaign

DELETE /api/v3/campaign/<campaign token>/<url token>/

This will a blank HTTP204 if the operation ran sucessfully.